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Cycle lab for natural fertility awareness

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A woman's menstrual cycle mirrors her hormonal balance and contains valuable insights into her health, well being and current fertility status.

In over 15 years of consulting users of natural methods, we learned to see in a menstrual cycle fare more than just numbers.

We would love to share that knowledge with you, so you too can support your patients to make the most of their natural fertility management.

tioranat - the perfect combination for your diagnosis and treatment.

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Save hormone free

Many women want, must or need to use hormone free contraception. The healthy choice is natural fertility monitoring. If applied correctly it is as safe as the pill to prevent a pregnancy naturally.

Women with irregular cycles are often discouraged. However, together with a trained health professional many can detect the underlying reasons and start the healing process.

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tioranat - the cycle experts

The tioranat fertility consultants accompanied thousands of women towards natural fertility management. This support is for you to understand your body, master your method and easily detect and tackle typical lifestyle and health issues such as:


  • Alcohol can temporarily increase the levels of oestrogen and testosterone in the body, disturbing ovulation and getting PMS to worsen.
  • Adapting her alcohol consumption and learning how to support her body through a festive night is an important step towards a woman’s health.


  • Most women suffer from allergies that impair their well-being but are hard to detect.
  • Cycle tracking allows to unearth hidden food intolerances and beat inflammation to regain healthy hormonal and energy levels.


  • A woman’s menstrual cycle is a wonderful reflector of her stress levels. Because ovulation is not vital to a woman’s body, it will be the first thing to be put on hold if she remains under pressure for too long - bringing the hormonal balance to shift.
  • If stress can hinder menstruation, it can also affect other bodily functions. Keeping a close eye on the cycle allows to pinpoint excessive stress and find a way to relax before overall health being hindered.


  • Prescription drugs can affect the menstrual cycle even if they have nothing to do with reproductive organs.
  • Analysing the cycle charts allows the trained eye to spot inappropriate or badly dosed treatments and to seek the support of a GP correct the shot for more efficiency.


  • Irregular cycles can be a sign of thyroid dysfunction.
  • Learn to decipher changes in cycle length, bleeding etc. in order to quickly pinpoint excessive or insufficient thyroid hormones and implement appropriate therapeutic measures.

The advantage of cooperating with tioranat

Gain an additional non invasive tool for your diagnostics and profit from our services:

We connect women with cycle issues with trained health professionals.

You receive from us the cycle analysis for your diagnosis and treatment.

Deepen your knowledge about fertility and keep your qualifications up to date with our certified training.


A woman's menstrual cycle is the mirror of her hormonal balance. We know how to read that data and want to share our knowledge with you.

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